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Why not stay a little longer?

Having travelled so far to get to the furthest tip of the beautiful island of Mull, it seems a shame to try and squeeze your visit into a few hours and then rush away again. Yet that’s exactly what many people do!

Staying longer makes sense……..

  • There's so much to see – not just the well-known sites but many tucked-away little gems too.

  • It takes a long time to get to places which don’t look far away on the map!
    Remember, almost all the roads on Mull are single-track with passing places.

  • Staying longer allows more time for the weather to cooperate if you’ve planned a special activity such as a boat trip.

  • The pace of life is slower here, but you can only appreciate that if you slow down too!

  • You’re on holiday! True rest and relaxation come when you give yourself a chance to dawdle, to daydream, to watch the sun sparkling on blue water, to trace a rainbow, to smell the sea, to breathe…..

  • Believe us, we hear many of our guests telling us as they leave Staffa House:
    “We just didn’t plan enough time here. There’s so much we’d love to have done. If only we’d known, we’d have stayed longer”.

    So, why not indeed……?

    We can thoroughly recommend a trip in Mark Jardine's beautiful wooden sailing boat.
    Mark’s experience and knowledge make him an excellent guide and skipper, and he will tailor trips to suit your needs and preferences. Hire the boat for a picnic to a deserted beach, or for a gentle fishing trip. If you like walking, why not look at Mark’s ‘Combo-trips’ which allow you to sail one way and walk the other. What could be better than to experience this wonderful area from both the sea and the land?
    Picnic on Eilean Annraidh, North off Iona

    Otter at Uisken Beach …..TAKE A WILDLIFE TOUR?
    Let an expert show you white-tailed eagles, golden eagles, wading birds, seals, otters, and much more besides… Local knowledge on the Ross of Mull is worth its weight in gold when it comes to the best places to have good sightings. You’ll come back with a long list of the common species and maybe some rare ones too. Staffa House is a great B&B to stay at if you’re interested in wildlife tours. We can make a booking for you when you arrive and arrange for your guide to collect you from our front door!
    There is a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places that distance is even smaller. Iona is sometimes called a ‘thin place’, where the spiritual and human come together and there’s no better way to experience something of that than to join the weekly pilgrimage, led by staff of the Iona Community. As well as visiting some of the most historically significant and most beautiful places on Iona, you will also be led in song, reflection and prayer at certain points. The majority of those walking will be guests staying at the Abbey and the Macleod Centre, but visitors are also most welcome to join the ON ROAD pilgrimage providing they ‘sign in’ before the start of the walk. The pilgrimage takes place between mid March to late October, usually on a Tuesday.

    St Martin
    The ON ROAD pilgrimage leaves the Abbey at 12 noon and takes until approximately 3.30pm to cover 2-3 miles on roads and tracks. It visits the Nunnery, Hill of the Fairies, the Machair and the Catholic House of Prayer before returning to the Reilig Oran.
    St Columba
    Please note: The details may change depending on weather and conditions underfoot. Everyone is welcome, there are no barriers of religion, nor any expectations that you should join in the prayers and songs; simply that you walk along with fellow travellers and observe the decisions of the pilgrimage leader concerning route, weather conditions, equipment etc.
    The islands of Mull and Iona have attracted artists and craftsmen/women for many generations. Today there is a vibrant community of creative people within a mile of Staffa House, each of them making and moulding beautiful things which speak of this place and its people. In a world where mass-production sometimes seems to engulf us, you’ll find that spending time in these workshops and studios will refresh your spirits and perhaps provide you with a very personal gift to take away with you.

    Oran Creative Crafts, Isle of Iona
    Aosdana - Gallery and Celtic Jewellery, Isle of Iona
    Iona Gallery and Pottery, Isle of Iona
    Eleanor MacDougall Jewellery, Fionnphort, Isle of Mull

    Iona St Columba Steadings - Home of Aosdana and Oran Creative Crafts
    St Columba Steadings, Art&Craft Centre, Isle of Iona
    Ardalanish Farm is situated in a stunning setting in the remote south west corner of Mull, looking out over the broad sweep of Ardalanish Bay to the islands of Colonsay, Oransay, Islay and Jura. The farm is owned and managed by an inspiring group of people who rear native Hebridean sheep and black Highland cattle called ‘kyloes’. The sheep’s wool is used for weaving unique and distinctive tweeds in a range of subtly beautiful patterns and shades. This is a vibrant and creative place where you can find wonderful scarves, shawls, throws, jackets and coats, as well as smaller gift items, all made with loving care and commitment and reflecting the precious relationship between humans, animals and nature. Ardalanish is one of our very favourite places to visit! Walk along the beautiful beach, often deserted, follow the Farm Trail to look down on the white sands and visit the Isle of Mull Weavers. You’ll come away refreshed and encouraged!
    Ardalanish Farm and Weavers, Isle of Mull Kyloe cattle at Ardalanish Farm, Isle of Mull Hebridean Sheep, Ardalanish Farm, Isle of Mull
    What could be more appropriate during your stay on the Ross of Mull than mirroring the peace and tranquillity of your surroundings with some gentle, nurturing yoga practice? Zoe Heald, a qualified yoga teacher and practitioner, lives in Fionnphort and runs weekly yoga classes for all abilities, including complete beginners. However much you like touring around when on holiday, it can be quite tiring and draining at times, especially after long flights or car/bus/train journeys, so a yoga session could re-invigorate you and enable you to enjoy your time with us even more fully. Visitors are most welcome to attend Zoe’s classes (we’ll happily supply further details of days/times) and Zoe is also available to give private sessions for individuals, small groups, etc. Please contact us for more information.
    Sunset over Iona
    ... EXPLORE AND VISIT ...?
    ... Beautiful Beaches

    ... Dramatic Castles

    ... Gardens

    ... Golf Courses

    ... Museums

    ... Local Food Producers

    ... Deserted Villages

    And when you leave us, why not ...

    Map of the West coast of Mull ... JOURNEY ALONG THE WEST COAST OF MULL AT LEISURE?
    A quick glance at a map of Mull shows a little road hugging the west coast of the island all the way from Pennyghael in the south to Calgary in the north. It beckons invitingly and rightly so, for this is a journey of outstanding beauty. The rugged landscape accompanies you all the way with new views unfolding at every corner, whilst out to sea the Treshnish Islands sit like unique sculptures with their extraordinary geological stories to tell. This journey is far too good to rush. What’s more, driving on these winding, undulating single track roads is tiring, and it’s easy for the poor driver to arrive back exhausted, having seen very little of the scenery!
    So, here’s our suggestion: why not take a whole day to travel the west coast route of Mull, allowing time to pause awhile at the foot of Ben More, Mull’s highest mountain, and again at Ulva Ferry (delicious seafood lunches served in The Boathouse on the Isle of Ulva ), before continuing to Eas Fors waterfall.
    By the time you reach Calgary you’ll be ready for refreshment – there’s no better place than the The Cafe@Calgary Arts , situated in a tranquil woodland setting and housing another fine range of items for sale by local artists.
    If you feel in need of a stroll after your home-made cake, it’s well worth exploring Calgary Art in Nature, a delightful and imaginative project which appeals to adults and children alike.
    Finally, this day of such magical sights and colours deserves a fitting end. One of our favourite B&Bs in the north of Mull is Frachadil House , just outside Calgary. Helen and Andy Mortley are both artists whose work is inspired by the landscape of Mull and the west coast of Scotland. Their beautiful and creative home offers a warm welcome, a place of peace and nourishment. Rest well!

    P.S. We haven’t even started on our walk suggestions yet! Please visit our Walking page for lots of great walks to enjoy on Mull and Iona.
    Boots ready? Staffa House packed lunches in the rucksack? Let’s go!

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