Covid Safety at Staffa House

We are working hard to provide secure premises for both our guests and our family. In line with Government regulations and having undertaken a risk assessment, we have had to change how we do things. So here are the Staff House Rules which will keep us all safe.

In addition to maintaining and offering our previous high standards of welcome and hospitality, we will do the following to ensure your safety:
• We will greet you and serve you wearing face-masks and from a safe distance.
• We will keep Staffa House well aired and provide plenty of sanitiser and hand-wash for your comfort.
• We will ensure that bedrooms are thoroughly cleansed between guests. This will include steam cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms including curtains, carpets and soft furnishings and quarantining items in line with Government guidance.
• Guests will be allocated seating in the dining room which is for their sole use.
• We may allocate a time for your breakfast service to aid guest flow around Staffa House, depending on guest requirements.
• We will cleanse all touch points in the communal areas using sterilising fluid several times a day.
• We will not enter your bedroom while you are on the premises. We ask that you speak up and ask for items such as toilet rolls, clean mugs, tea and coffee so that we can provide what you need.
• Local information such as maps, walks, books and brochures will be provided on request.

We ask our guests to follow these simple rules for their safety:
• Please arrive and depart on time as this will aid guest flow.
• Please sanitise your hands on entering the premises. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the house.
• Please wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before you come down to our dining room. There is plenty of soap and hot water provided for you to do this in your private bathroom.
• Please wear a facemask when moving around Staffa House. You can remove your facemask when seated in the dining room.
• Please maintain a social-distance of 1metre (3 feet in old money) between your household group and others when moving around the premises.
• Please complete the Track and Protect information when requested to do so. You will be given our information in exchange.
• Speak up! Ask if you need anything at all. We want to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.