Driving on Mull

Mull’s roads are mainly single track so it’s worth knowing some of the “local rules” before you arrive.

Use the passing places. These are provided frequently along the single track main road. You must use these to pass oncoming traffic. Look ahead and plan your stop at a convenient place. Squeezing past on wider bits of road destroys verges and you could end up in the ditch. If someone stops for you then acknowledge them.

Be prepared to reverse. If you are nearest to a passing place, and especially for buses and trucks which cannot reverse.

Always keep to the left. Do not cross over to the right-hand side of the road to use a passing place. If the passing place is on the right-hand side, wait opposite it.

Allow traffic behind you to overtake. The driver at the back might be a doctor, nurse, midwife, vet, firefighter, lifeboat crew member. It is helpful to indicate that you are pulling over.

Do not park in passing places. There are various lay-bys and parking spaces where you can stop and enjoy the view.

Treat cyclists like any other road users. Stop at passing places for them too.

Be patient and careful with livestock. Common grazing means you may find sheep and cattle on the road.

Keeping to the above guidelines will enable you to travel at your own pace, enjoy the scenery and allow other drivers, particularly local residents, to reach their destinations without excessive delays.

Thank you for reading this.

Close up of scottish highland cow in field